help me make a auto forum register bot for vb, phpbb and smf

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    i'm just in the process of making a auto forum register bot , looking for poeple to help me code it up, i'm just starting on it now, if any one whould like to help in the coding and testing let me no here

    the bot will be based around a php/curl script that will run on a existing website tricking unsupecting users to to fill in a capthca string, then store the resulting registered account in either a dtatabase or txt file for latter use in a auto forum poster (seperate project)

    the plan is to:

    1: a user comes onto a site and hits a enter page, could be a porn site or other site that has a small stream of traffic

    2: we say enter the capthca image string in order to countiune on to view whatever it is they looking for

    the script behind the scenes

    1: the script opns a curl seesion and extracts a capthca image for the forum sign up page and passes to the index page the surfer has enter

    2: when the user inputs the capthca string to view porn etc, the script sends them into the next page, but also sends the details to a forum with the capthca string to sign up for a new account

    3: the new register account for a forum is recorded in a database or txt file for latter use

    other things that might be needed

    we need to have a big list of forums and also a bunch of emails to use and most forums only allow one email per account, we will also have to maunly log into these email accounts in the future to click any verify links to activate the account(s)

    maybe it might be a good idea to use this concept to fisrt register lot of emails extracting the capthca string from email sign up pages to get users to create emails for use, or even randomize it so sometimes users loking on our porn site enter page are enter capthca from email sign up pages then forum sign up pages

    anyone got any feedback or willing to help let us no about it
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    If you find it I'm interested too ...
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    There are flaws in this:
    You say start an account when user enters your site. Why dont you just code the bot to automatically create the forum account? This limits your accounts to your site visitors.
    You also say you cant make GMail accounts. Why not code the script/bot to do this also?

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