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    Hello blackhatter,
    i seen lot of post about greatness of this forum but truly this forum don't help me yet in getting sale. Previous month i join click2sell and decided to sell Penis exercises ebook but after one month i only got 92 click but no sale. i want to know what the real matter why i can't getting sale.
    i mainly write 1 article a day and submit it to ezinearticle, goarticles, scribd, articalz, and other but not satisfied with my result here are my some article link pls take a look and tell me is my article attach readers or not
    i am also submitting them to social bookmarking and ping them after every article if you people have time so pls read my articles and tell me is my article get sale or it not up to standard in getting sale
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    Jul 24, 2009
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    you can't ask a question like that or you will get answers like what dodger just gave you because it looks like you have done no homework and you want someone to do the work for you..

    if you said ive used

    1.mass article submittion
    2.i have 5 blogs inter linked
    4.twitter traffic
    5.article spinned
    7.comment posting

    what am i doing wrong or can you point me to a post as i can't find one that can help me...

    then you will get the help you need

    you can't get sale's from just article submittion alone (unless you are a pro and thats your area)
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    Jun 29, 2009
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    i don't have time to read any of your article. so, i can't judge whether they're good or not. but, i go to ur ezine and saw that u use blogspot and redirect it to the landing page. now, that's suck bcz that domain looks unprofessional. 2nd, the landing page is suck. no picture, no video. it's kind of plain paper. no conversion between landing page and user. i bet that that landing page has high bounce rate.

    conclusion: u will never make sales.