help me generate leads for a lucrative offer. free websites and free domain

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    hey guys.

    there is a lot of talented marketers on this board, and i have a proposition for you guys.

    i am setting up a new business model to give away free cms based websites to people, in return for $11/month hosting and potential upselling of SEO services.

    this service should really sell itself, i am deploying some offline and online marketing on this as soon as i get the site up.

    i am close to completing the main website, please message me for the link.

    i have been a freelance web designer for 5 years now. and i can really see some big potential in getting something like this started.

    another guy in my city is doing this succesfully, and he is making alot of money every month.

    freewebsitedesign dot ca

    i will be taking care of all the development. all i need help with is the marketing side of things. i would be more than happy to hand out $30 on each successful lead who purchases the $11 per month hosting plan. but i happy to discuss any alternative revenue share ideas.

    let me know if this tickles your fancy
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