Help Me Crap On this Guy.

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Dec 4, 2008
NgiNeThemba Designs & Domains ripped off hxxp://

He hosted their domain and then extorted for $2k to not have the traffic diverted to a porn site.

My kid is one of the kids that received benefit from this group.

They paid the $2k and got new hosting and are filing to get the cash back. If any of you know any good gayspamporn links to send the old webhost, i think they would appreciate.

[email protected]
[email protected]

i am all about black hat. not extortion. not screwing sick kids.

when you screw sick kids, you deserve an ass raping, no lube.

dude...that took me 15 minutes to descramble. Its a bit much.

I have can send his servers a lot of bad traffic.....tell me what to hit.
sorry about scramble. force of habit. vowels always numbers.

use your imagination...

this might be a fun experiment. who can dream up the worst shit and pull it off...a good bh exercise.
just xrumer his ass so that his sites dont get indexed by google and get a load of porn visitors or something
tell some authorities hes hosting CP and hes been lately talking about making suicide bombing. That should help for starters if he lives in USA.
Is this for real? The domain is parked on a firstlook server now.

If it's true, I'd be one of the first to DDoS the guy or do some SQL injection work. But who's to say the OPs claim is on the up and up and that he doesn't have some kind of personal vendeta and is just looking for bleeding hearts to jump on the bandwagon without doing any due dilligence?

Tread lightly, folks.
Site is currently parked. Sup with that? I assume that it's some sort of charity or something? If that's the case, seeking revenge on this guy would really kind of make the organization look bad. Report him to the authorities and let it go if this is legit.
Did they rip off the site or was someone not paying attention and let the domain expire?
I have seen that happen to alot of people that forget and change isp's and email address's so they don't get the renewal notice.

You still have 60 days and after that someone snags it and forwards it to porn.

Th3r3 m4y b3 a problem with your black hats. (How in the hell do you write like that?)

Please see the SEO part.

We can drown them out of G and the such, but DDOS talk and that kind of criminal activity hasn't a place here.
not asking for anything criminal, just fun suggestions.

no personnal vendetta, this is a real dirt bag.

search Ngi Ne Themba and douchebag you will find the story. real dirtbag.
I agree on both:
a) Noone can verify a story like that
b) DDOS is not part of blackhat SEO.

ddos a site and:
* remove the sites of hundreds of thousands of others, maybe even members from bhw .
* risk your ass and your "hard earned" botslaves on a story you never verified

these times ddos is really a risk, I know people who went into prison because of it. And this was at times where ddos was a new thing mainly located on unixes.
These times the world is fully aware of botnets, I'd keep the fingers away from them if you don't make huge money with it that's worth risking your life on it.
the story is verifiable
no need to ddos
he has much worse problems...a raging herd of pissed off soccer moms after him...that is scary...all the vinivans...
just re read the title of this looool

*pulls down ya pants and Y-fronts and waits for you to crap holding a video camera and also with 2 asian girls either side standing ready with a cup each lol*
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