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    Okay, I run most of my self-written scripts off my own server... it's just easier that way, and I can kick it when it misbehaves (I don't, but I *could*)... however, more and more scripts are making themselves "*nix only", mostly due to content modification or some need to integrate with cPanel, and my current "server" is my old Windows 2000 Pro desktop, haha. Hey, it gets the job done for the most part.

    That being said, I did a little research, and so far, HostGator is looking the most promising in terms of features offered and such for a low price (their mid-range package is what caught my eye). Still, I know that when it comes to webhosts, they are a dime a dozen, and I've probably overlooked a good number of sites.

    Here are my requirements:
    - Adult Content allowed - This is the big one.
    - Preferably no setup fee, but if their monthly fee is low enough, I'll sway on this.
    - Shared/Virtual hosting is fine, but if you've managed to find a dedicated host who charged VH prices, I'll take it. ;)
    - cPanel, with stats (pref. AWstats AND Webalizer).
    - PHP/CGI/Perl - this is just a given...
    - mySQL DB
    - Preferably already has the Smarty PHP templating module already installed. (I love Smarty, I really, really do! Page caching FTW!) I dunno if HostGator has this, but I can always add it later, too.
    - Email accounts... eh, I run my own mailserver too, so just 1 account would be fine, but more is fine...r!
    - Disk Space - Ah yes... I don't think I'd come anywhere near putting a strain on this limit with the scripts I write (and want to run) - but better safe than sorry. Preferably 5 GB +.
    - Bandwidth... oh, you fickle mistress, you. Unlimited would obviously be my first choice here. Close second would be some ridiculous amount, like 50 GB. Like the disk space, I don't think I'll come anywhere near hitting this cap, but I am going to be building some more TGPs, and while the images are hosted elsewhere, they can still push this up a bit high.

    Oh, and of course, I need the ability to create/modify my own .htaccess files as needed, and if they allow PHP's fopen and include functions to use external URLs, then I will pounce on that like an extremely geeky tiger.

    SO... who do you use? Do they offer, or have available all of the above? Can they beat HostGator's $7.95/month plan? I hope so... I'm trying really hard not to invest any more before I start having some coming in!

    Thanks in advance!