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help me build instagram account from scratch

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by siasat, May 23, 2016.

  1. siasat

    siasat Newbie

    Jan 7, 2016
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    i came on bhw about 2 years back and with the tips i built my first fb page. now i tried my best but instagram somewhat alien to me.
    i personally dont use instagram much but i do know the potential it has. its may be the next big thing right now after facebook.
    There are a few questions that i would like to be answered.

    1 - on facebook we know if my post is shared it goes on your fb timeline then your friends would follow me etc. How getting fans with ig works ? what are the actions due to which someone would naturally follow you ?

    2 - does following loads of people really work ? i know its the easiest way to get followers. But i have requirements of country from where i want the followers and i sell stuff online. would following random peopl really help me to turn them into customers ?

    3 - if you have legit instagram, would you help me to build one ? i can pay for this.

    add me on skype with your suggestions please. i can be v helpful too.
    skype : socialmedia.geek