Help me, and you get your own SEO optimized article on an EDU domain

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    Ok, first of all, I apologize for this topic mods, I am not selling or purchasing anything, I simply need some help.

    Problem 1: I have a niche EMD site that I neglected and planned on letting it expire because I was too focused on more important sites and projects. However I just noticed it got bumped into position 6 on page 1, and over the past 2 days it is getting over 30 unique visitors per day. According to Google's Keyword Tool, this keyword gets 1900 exact searches, but I am sure its slightly higher. I now want to save it, lol.

    Problem 2: The domain expiring is a .com and expires and EXPIRES on tuesday. Fortunately, I initiated the bank transfer about a week ago, so the funds should be in my PayPal on exact day my domain expires, this Tuesday. But I am not sure when PayPal will complete the transaction, Tuesday or Wednesday, heck even Thursday, thus making me late to renew the domain in time.

    If someone could PayPal me $12.00 US so I can renew it by tomorrow, I would greatly appreciate it. PayPal balance right now is only 0.70 cents :(

    Here is what you get for helping me out: I will personally write a 300 - 400 word unique article on any niche of your choice for your site, and I will post that article on an EDU domain and will be SEO optimized, so you will get a great contextual DO-FOLLOW backlink on an EDU domain. ;)

    PLUS: you get your $12 back on Tuesday or wednesday when PayPal completes the bank transfer.

    Please PM, thanks guys, and sorry again mods.

    P.S: Domain will be 1 year old :)
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