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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darkmonk, Aug 25, 2011.

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    I was going to buy Bass Tracker Boats micro niche service, but then decided to make another attempt at doing this EMD/MNS thing myself. Last time I snagged an awesome domain name but I forgot to check "Exact" and its going to take me 18 months to rank it. I really should focus on the other sites I'm building up but I wanted to throw an Adsense earner into the mix. My other projects are going to take well into the fall to really get going. I would love to get a little portfolio of easier Adsense sites going.

    This time I snagged this EMD because I was afraid someone else would grab it. I'm trying to figure out how much it could earn and also how much easier the EMD will make it to rank.

    The exact match global search volume is 165,000 and local (US) search volume is 110,000. The CPC is $1.20. The guy in the #1 spot is definitely a BH player with all kinds of interesting backlinking things going on and it would take a few months to knock him off #1. But after him the rest are much further back / seem easy to beat. The thing is there's over 1 BILLION results in google for this keyword. I've ranked sites on terms that had a lot of results before and it didn't seem to make much difference, but I dunno... 1B results! keyword tool competition estimate is .4.

    How accurate is the Adwords average CPC estimate? If I could get to #2 or #3 how much traffic could I expect?

    The keyword just so happens to also be very brandable and very with the times as far as current events, so my mind is already churning with a lot of possibilities beyond Adsense. Actually, if I can get enough traffic I think there are better ways to make more $ with CPA offers and/or some Clickbank products if they actually convert. But for right now I want to try and get it earning some Adsense bucks quickly.

    So, 110k exact US search volume... if I get to #2 can I expect maybe 25k uniques a month? CTR of 1% and $1.20 CPC is looking like only $250 a month, not quite the jackpot goldmine I thought it was.
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    When you're #2 in google you can usually expect around 15% traffic. Sometimes a bit less, and sometimes a bit more. Which will give you around 16.5k traffic a month from that keyword. #3 is normally a bit more than 10%, when you're #1 however, you can expect 50-60% which is a huge rise.

    Send me a PM with the keyword so I can check your competition?
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    zeta reticuli
    I want you to make sure the exact search volume is correct and it is not a seasonal keyword like "Osama death" or "Oil spill". The number of results displayed for a keyword is not really matters in SEO point of view. All what you need to focus is the top 10 sites at the first page. They are your "REAL" competitors.

    Most of the time, G0ogle show irrelevant result count. For example, in your case it is 1 Billion results, but actually it should be very less than that. You can easily find the same just by browsing to the last page of the SE result page. Just focus on analyzing the various on-site/off-site SEO factors of the top ten sites. Judge your competition based on that. Also for your information. The competition column what you see in Adwords competition is NOT seo competition. It's adwords competition.

    As you now, the data what we get from Adword tool is just an estimate so it is not always accurate. It is not possible to estimate the potential traffic without ranking for a keyword. There are many other factors which influence the traffic like the quality of content, traffic from long tail keyword ans so on...