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    Hi I have a questions. I have a website named with the exact keyword and I made a page that has the same exact keyword. Here is an example www. orange .com and I made a page name
    www. orange .com / orange-about. my exact keyword is the product that I am currently selling.

    on the home page there is a quick summary about the about page and theres a link after the summary "read more" so that they will visit my about page.

    my question is
    1. Will it affect my seo?
    2. Will I get penalise?
    3. Is it bad to do a permalink with the same name of the domain and like
    domainname ,com / domainname-about, and the other page is domainname ,com / domainname-how-to-order
    4.will it create a duplicate content?

    I have another question. I am currently using wordpress for my website. I made tags and category for my target keyword. heres an example what I have done. I put this tags and category to the same about page. for the tags orange about, orange info, orange price, orange order. etc. and I made a category orange about. I am currently using yoast seo and I allow do follow and index for my tags and category.

    my question for this one is.
    1. Is this bad to use your keyword to your tags and category?
    2. is it good to get allow index to tags and category?
    3. will this affect my seo?
    4. will it create a duplicate content?

    I am a litte bit confuse about this.

    I am just new to seo game. I know most of the guys here is a PRO thats why I came here ask some advice.

    Thank you in advance.
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