HELP!! Linking related niche sites together!

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by master-of-backlinks, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Hi everyone,

    I currently have a client that has over 100 related niche sites with all seperate ip's. I need help on how to maximize the linking value of all the sites by potentially linking them to one another! I have heard several things and would love to hear some more ideas. For example do I just link them all together with no strategy one after another like a link wheel? Do i create footer links, or a resource page? Any and all ideas would be great, and of course rep and thanks will be given :)

    Thanks for all your help cant wait to hear the feedback!
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    you are ranking all 100 sites or just one? If you are doing SEO for one site and you have that 100 like satelites, and if they are all from different IP its really cool! Put links from all that domains, some in content, some from sidebar and some from page with links? I think its good. But the best one is from new and fresh unique post. I think you definitely need to link from all that sites :) but just don't do it all in one day :)

    If this help to you, give me one link from one of that sites :p
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    yeah .. i think wizzardz01 got good point just randomize the process and make sure the links does look legit in human eyes ~