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[help] link juice / SE domination

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Smiley, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Smiley

    Smiley Newbie

    Dec 16, 2008
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    Hello, I would really like a clear expert answer on this because all I'm reading is giving me info overload and it's very confusing. I'm a complete newbie to SEO but I'm trying to understand the foundation.

    Could someone just lay out a simple explanation for dominating in the search engine, google for this explanation.

    From what I've read it seems that you need a good SEO'd page, with keywords in title, all of that basic stuff, and then basically link juice.

    So what are the clear details of getting link juice?
    What is link juice exactly?
    What affects it?
    Obviously you need backlinks from things google loves like squidoo and hubpages, is there a list anywhere for more of these sites?
    Does your site 'lose' link juice if it links out to a site, ideally would you just want links pointing to you and you not pointing back? Confused here.

    Could someone explain the process of getting backlinks, pretending to want to dominate the most competitive keyword there is on google, not sure what that would be..

    But lets pretend you're trying to rank for the keyphrase "make money online"

    How would you rank #1 for that in google (organically)

    When I put "make money online" into google the first result is:
    using backlinkwatch.com that site has normal backlinks like squidoo/hubpages but also other popular blogs that link to it.

    Is that the secret? just exchanging backlinks with powerful blogs with similiar keywords? It might even be his other blogs.. There's so many backlinks and I'm a newb, looking at it makes me dizzy, can someone just explain I'm not trying to do this just get an idea so I can do it better on a smaller scale and at least understand, thank you so much guys.

    Oh yeah, and do number of backlinks matter as much as the power each backlink holds? is there a formula or something.. like 20,000 crap backlinks versus a SEO'd squidoo backlink..

    I know it's probably somewhere around here but it would be nice to get a basic explanation in one place