[HELP] Junkin media and Collab destroying my Youtube channel

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by zeronine, Aug 18, 2016.

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    So I started youtube channel in Jan. 2016, uploaded 2 videos and "quit" when I came back to channel mid February one of my videos had 300.000+ views and another around 5.000 so I decided to start uploading good videos consistently 2-3 a month.

    Fast forward 5 months I have 10 videos 8.000+ subscribers 3.500.000+ views on my channel. But I have big problem with copyrighted content. 8 out of 10 videos got copyright (most of them collab ) or age restriction strike. 5 of them in the last week (seams youtube updated copyright sistem). So youtube took my channel from 36.000/day views last month to 5.000/day last 3 days :( .
    I am very careful when I pick clips for my compilation I always check description box if there is any licensing note, I do not upload clips from big channels failarmy.... I have installed vidIQ on chrome so I always check who is monetizeing channel with clip i like, if there is collab, fullscreen, junkin media I do not uploade this videos I also uploade video on 2nd channel firs to see if there will be any srtikes if I dont get strike in a week I uplode it on main channel. and age restriction is just bullshit there's at least 5 exactly the same compilations with similar clips and they didn't get age restricted (stupid people use fire/guns)
    also I do not think that video like that deserve age restriction.

    So I would like to hear If any of you guys have the same problem, is joining multi channel network solution? This strikes are really unnecessary and I think that good MCN could take care of that, any one knows MCN that is good in this kind of stuff? I heard about quiz mcn are the ok?

    I am really pissed off because it seems like collab and jukin media (failarmy) own youtube, at least funny videos, fail/win compilations, people are awesome stuff...
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    Id like to know this too