help investing $200


Nov 28, 2008
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hey guys ive made my first profits as an ewhore now but im thinking about putting half of it into advertising does anyone have any suggestions of the best places to buy ad space or do you have any better ideas on how to invest the money. i also have my own blog but need help optomising it and getting traffic should i spend the money on that?:confused:

forgot to mention i mainly promote cam sites if that helps!
Just because you have the money doesnt mean you need to spend it, put it aside, when you find a good method which is make you some money with a small amount, throw more into it. As an ewhore it really doesnt require much money, so keep doing that and building what you already have, when you need to make an investment you will have the cash to do it.
Try affiliate marketing.
Gather some advertising coupons too becuase 200$ is not enough to start aff marketing.
thanks for your suggestions guys was thinking about buying some adspace using adengage or protraffic etc but i have heard some of them are not to be trusted is this the case in your experience?
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