Help! I want to post on craigslist and the ips i bought are being blocked with error msgs!

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    Dec 14, 2008
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    Hello All!

    I am loving this site there's so much valuable information it's fabulous, I am posting ads on craigslist and I have bought some IP addresses I now have 34 different ip addresses but craigslist AND backpage are blocking me when I use them, I have a static IP address normally and my ISP said that they cannot give me a dynamic IP address and I live in Australia and I use a mac 10.5 HELP! I get a error message on craigslist as soon as I click post ad and I have a craigslist scraper that I use sometimes but I dont know where it puts the emails that it scrapes after its scraped them so i end up writing them down as it scrapes them and that takes ages because I have to watch the emails as they come up + I dont catch them all because its so quick sometimes! Any advice on how to change my IP or work out where all the emails that are being scraped are going (I know they're somewhere on my computer! Would be much appreciated Thankyou;-):D