[Help] I wanna make money from internet


Dec 19, 2008
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i've bought a few domain to make some blog with my name on it..
i need someone to help me teach me slowly about this blogging and earn money with it...
like other member success..
please kindly help me bro and sis here..

maybe introducing myself is better:
i am from indonesia.and newbie to this all..
even downloading stuff here i dunno how to use... >.<

wander if anyone can help me out
oh yeah add my ym
[email protected]
or msn
[email protected]

if i am broking any rule forgimme..
thanks before
There`s a link in the sidebar that says "blogging" go there and read all you can, especially one thread that is made by the user shylesson. Welcome, enjoy your stay and read the the rules and the stickies here :tee:
also use the search engine, try to search on blogging.
Can find a lot of
blogging stuff's, download then, read them. take action!
why would you want domain which has your name in it ? unless your some celeb ?
just read the blogging section, everything is there to get started.

start a few autoblogs, and 1 or 2 you handle manualy, and you should get the hang of it rather fast.
no better way to learn then try it yourself and asking specific questions about things that you get stuck with.
give us your site. Maybe we can do something to help you. Welcome, and enjoy your stay here. :)
very thanks for the reply all ya bro here..
i felt very welcome here...

my site are
i use wordpress >.<

i feel just to follow others using name

okey i will feel free to ask ya people when i am needed
BHW is not the Internet.. it's a part of the Internet buddy.. there is a search engine called as Google.com which will help you solve all the problems on getting started with blogs.. wordpress and all those things :)
I badly need to monetize from internet
i wish ya people could help me out hehe...
The people here are not miracle workers. The forum provides information on how to put some methods into use.

If you want people to build your site, walk your dog, and wipe your ass then your at the wrong place.
Oh, man. Still blank? :D

Try to find a niche, register yourself on bidvertiser, adsense, CPA, etc etc. Put it on your site. You must have some interest on your mind right? Implement your interest on your blog.
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