Help - I got ripped off by these Craigslist "posters"


Jan 8, 2010
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Hey All,

I know we are on a BlackHat Forum of how to make some cash, and obviously some things we all do are shady - but we depend on others to actually do the work.

I hired these guys at to do posting services for me on Craigslist.

They look to have great prices, and it's for a reason. They don't do any work. I ordered the 70 Posts / Day package which should be 2100 monthly and paid them $1000.

After 24 days, they have made about 60 posts in TOTAL! I'm supposed to be getting 70 per day, so far that would equate to over 1500 posts. I know my ads aren't getting ghosted or flagged. Paypal won't help because I paid for a "service".

I've sent email after email and made phone calls, text messages, everything possible. They responded once or twice to my email saying it's listed in our T.O.S. that there are no refunds. Basically, they say they are making 70 posts per day, and if they can't do the work, there are no refunds.

What the ********? It's 2010, how the hell can a scam like this possibly exist?

I started googling about them, and other people have complained too:

What can I do? I mean obviously I want my money back, but at this point, I just want revenge more than anything.

I got one of the guys phone number, and the guy who collects paypal Payments is named Dave Moor. Paypal email is [email protected].

I paid thru my bank account - so I don't think I can do a chargeback, can I?

Anyone with any experience please help. I have the guys cell phone number if someone has ideas PM me, also, can we Spam the shit out of their email address so they stop scamming other prople?
Hmmm... There was a thread not too long ago about a guy that got ripped off from a company that he was working for. After they refused to pay him he set up a website and did a hell of a lot of SEO and had his site ranking at #1. His site was all about the company that he was working for and after a couple of weeks they paid him to take it down.

Just an idea.
I have heard too many cases and stories where people get ripped off and scammed by CL posters.

The bottom line is that you get what you paid for. Always seek for reputable services and posters to ensure everything runs smoothly. Sorry to say, but since its a bank transfer, there is no chargeback but to move on.
Ring paypal again, complain again, when they say no ask to speak to someone with more authority. Keep doing this and going up the chain. If you have no luck with that (which there is a good chance you should). Then ring up the police, or find out otherwise if you have an internet crime department in your state/country. In Australia, we have Scamnet. Make a complaint with them, get them to contact paypal. Ring up paypal again and tell them that you have opened a criminal investigation, keep asking for someone with more authority if they deny you. This is what my sister and I did when she bought a laptop from dhgate and received a package filled with bricks. Paypal employees said that the package 'technically' arrived and thats all they cover for and that full coverage is only for ebay. We got the refund in the end, don't give up dude there's still hope just keep pushing them and you'll get results. Let us know how it goes, GL!
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