HELP - I got rejected in the affiliate program of Tripadvisor

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Dec 10, 2021

I do have a travel blog, I mainly created it just to monetize it through TripAdvisor affiliate program, and I did super hard work and spent over $60k in the last year, also generate hotel & resort organic traffic from Google about 100k unique clicks a month from North America.

I just applied 2 days ago to the affiliate program and I got rejected, There is literally NO reason to be rejected, I can't even believe they rejected my blog.

How can I appeal against that ? I assume I wrote something might be against their terms and conditions in my "Privacy&Policy" ? or maybe I had to write something in my "Policy" page before I submit to enroll in their affiliate program ? Please help because I'm very much disappointed.

Thank you very much
Send mail to their affilaite team. Also you can try travelpayouts
It's strange that
Find the affiliate managers on Linkedin or the sales managers, send them a message and explain that you have 100k organic visits.
can't be overlooked
They should be begging you with that much traffic, not rejecting you.

Reach out via email or LinkedIn as other members have suggested.
I second Travel niche is exploding and rules for applying are getting stricter.
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