[HELP] I Badly need help :(

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    Nov 21, 2010
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    Recently I was not able to make money because I choose to learn more things (java, html, php etc). But I didn't realize that I was not able to pay my host for my domian. Please I badly need help, ericcson offered me a job and I'm still doing it. But it will surely take time.

    I can trade my method (which is sending mass emails using web mailing you can send 10k emails with-in 5-10min. greyhat and you can inbox except for yahoo. I can send you a link from trafficsource sales page from other forum just pm me.) this method came from trafficsource.

    He sell an ebook about this method from other forums for a large amount but I'm willing to teach you the method in return for the payment of my domian. Please please I really want my domain to be back so that I can start earning again :(

    Thanks in advance