HELP - How to prevent service from banning me?

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    Hey people,

    so i have a simple problem. I have an Udemy account. However i have done something that is against their TOS. Now i do not want to try to establish something with them because of the "fear" of getting banned due to breaking their TOS, which does not allow to have multiple accounts.

    What can you suggest me to prevent them from banning me?

    Does my computer have some kind of ID just like phones do, which they can track?

    My rooter simply changes the IP everytime i restart it. Is that enough.

    Cleaning cache etc?

    Reinstalling Windows?

    I am looking for some serious advice, because i really have no idea what i should change in order to be 100% sure and no risk.

    Thank you people for your helpful advice.

    Have a nice day!


    Of course i need to change my paypal adress. But that shouldn't be a problem. Just creating a new paypal account.
    Do they have access to my paypal data? Means name adress etc. ?
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    Depends on how bad you are behaving. If there is some financial stuff involved then the tracking is done by professional third party companies. And they do a lot of advanced stuff.
    Reinstalling windows and not using same ip (or ip block) should be ok.
    They have access to Your Paypal data if You do some transactions with them.