[HELP]How To Make Money From Premium Keywords > 1000 EXACT MONTHLY SEARCH, LOW COMPETITION

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    Hi Blackhatter,

    I've building a list of keywords that easy to rank.

    - Global exact searches >= 1000 per month
    - For competitors found in first Google search page, with quote
    . At least 5 sites have PR <= 1
    . At least 5 sites have no backlink base on MajesticSEO

    Could you please help me on how to monetize from it?

    Some sample keywords:

    Keyword Exact Monthly Searches AWCPC AWT AWV
    electric wall heaters 3600 3.09 9.18 28.32
    last minute holidays in the sun 2900 2.02 0.62 1.26
    queen size bed dimensions 18100 0.69 72.38 50.19
    run flat tires 6600 1.79 13.94 25.02
    womens cowboy boots 12100 2.03 32.29 65.6

    Thank you!
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    Check the high CPC domains and whack adsense on them.

    With the other they may not be worth creating depending on the niche. e.g. if one of your niches is related to a CPA offer make money through that.

    If you have video related content whack content locker pro on the page and make money that way.

    There are lots of ways but not every niche with them stats are always going to make you money my friend.
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