Help !! How do I increase my Registry Cleaner affiliate sales?


Aug 8, 2014
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Hi everybody,

I'm an Indian, selling a Registry Cleaner online as an Affiliate. I'm new to this site.

In the year 2011, I signed up on ClickBank, bought a website, and started promoting a Registry Cleaner which had Gravity of 5.56. Till now I'm using different SEO options like top Articles Directories, Forum Posting, Social Media; but none of them gave me good results. In every article I write, I usually provide 6-7 solutions with a step to download that particular Registry Cleaner. These articles are about different errors in Windows, crashes, BSODs, etc.

I focused on content quality but that's really not an issue here. I don't have professional knowledge of selling software online. I'm lacking somewhere, so my monthly sales are only 4 or 5 hardly, which doesn't make sense. I'm not a professional affiliate. I tried other registry cleaners too- but that didn't helped at all.

Please help me and guide me what do I need to do to get at least 20 sales a month. Please help me !

Thank you.

Well, I have found out that it's really hard to get sales doing forum posting because the people are more aware that you are just trying to sell something to them. You just have to try think outside of the box. " why would you click that link and use that service". In my opinion there's no way that someone can tell you exactly what to do, you just have to try different methods and see which one is working for you. And at least you are getting some sales so sure you're doing something right. So my advice for you is that just try all the posibles methods and when you find something that's working, just rinse and repeat. Use your imagination.

Good luck mate!
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