Help for beginners(You cant just jump in the ring with Ali because you think you can box)

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    Help for beginners. (You Cant just jump in the ring with Ali because you think you can box)

    This is to help newer internet marketers to help learn from my mistakes. 99% of you guys most likely won't listen to me, but I am also doing this for myself, I need practice writing.

    Many people get drawn to forums and blogs about how to make money online because they think it will be easy. It is true it can be easy, if you get very lucky, but that does not happen nearly as often as people are failing and quitting. Even if you are one of the few lucky ones, your luck will eventually run out, and you will need something to fall back on.

    Imagine you wanted to become a Dr. or a lawyer. You would sign up for school, get all the books the college tells you to get, go to certain classes in a certain order and at a set time. All you need to do is the learning part. With internet marketing you don't have anyone telling you what to do, where to go, what order of information you should learn, or even what you should learn. With all the garbage out there and believe me, there is a lot of garbage out there, it is so easy to get lost or fall into a trap where you think you are doing something right and helpful, but you are most likely just shooting yourself in the foot. Sure there is great information all around but for every good piece of information there is 10 times that of shitty information.

    Here are the first five most IMPORTANT things you should do to help with that. READ, READ, READ, READ and READ some more. I can see it now, BUT you just said most of the information is garbage or misleading. True but with enough reading you will be able to start picking up what is garbage and what is not. The information and tutorials you can find on the threads here (check the 5 star threads for beginners first) will save you a lot of time and money. Check the dates because some of the information is outdated. This does not mean it is bad information though, sure some things may have changed, but some of the general concepts are the same. It is also important to read the older threads to have a better understanding of how things are always changing.

    While reading, you should take notes on words and acronyms you do not know so you can look them up. Keep them as something to study because at this stage it is all about learning and RETAINING what you read (you should constantly study the words you do not know). Treat it like classes in school, and I promise you will go far in this business. If you treat it like easy money, it will take sooo much longer for you to gain the information that you need to succeed. This is the best information for you to be on your way to start making money. Just remember knowledge is power and power is money.

    Another killer I had to face in order to get over some problems I was facing is my EGO. Everyone that tries to enter this business has the same mindset that they are going to work hard and make a shit load of money fast. Yeah, a lot of the pros and experts say it will take time, but I am just going to work extremely hard and read as much as I can. It is fine to be confident and hell even a little bit cocky, but the big problem here is you will move to fast and not learn the information efficiently. You will move to harder information because you think you have an understanding of the easier concepts, and this slows down your learning curve tremendously. By doing it this way, (and most everyone has or will use this way) you are setting yourself up for failure in the future. You are going to have to relearn certain things, take longer to understand the more advanced concepts and go back to relearn the fundamentals you thought you understood.

    Another problem you will run into is buying products and tools. You are going to read about some pretty good tools that help you rank websites or manage clients and everything else in between, you are going to think "I need these tools in order to be successful. Well, if you are reading this thread then there is a big chance you are not ready for these tools. Another way you can tell you are not ready for these tools is when you are getting ready to start a thread either here or some other forum. So your thread basically says this. **Hey guys I was thinking about buying GSA SER or scrapebox what one do you think I should get*** .Then in no less than an hour your answers would consist of ****well what are you trying to do?? ****and ***We are going to need more information than that***. So you will respond in which people will start telling you that you are not ready, or start flaming you and giving you smart ass answers. Then one guy will tell you exactly what both programs do in depth and tell you to start doing things manually first (and you still won't listen). You will know when you are ready for programs like these and many others by needing them instead of wanting them.

    Finally, after studying and having a good grip on concepts of SEO and other internet marketing techniques you are ready to take action. Some people have a hard time either thinking of ways to start and others have a problem when it comes to patients. You will be almost done or just finished a project and read about a brand new method that they think sounds great and abandon or neglect their first project. Then this cycle just continues while you complain that the methods do not make enough or any money and they are not sure why. You have to stick with a project even if it's not working and continue to scale it up. Now I am not saying don't try anything new I am just saying you can't abandon the project because it's not bringing in the money as soon as you wanted. Be sure to try and avoid these mistakes and this will help you save a tremendous amount of time in the long run.

    So let's go over what I am trying to point out above

    • Read a lot
    • when reading take notes
    • treat this like a school and you want to learn
    • write down words and acronyms you do not know to study later
    • Question the information you are currently reading about. Check to see if it is credible and true.
    • Don't let your ego hold you back by letting you move forward to quickly
    • You do not need any software yet
    • If you don't use the software correctly it will most likely hurt you rather than help you
    • Don't be afraid to ask people on forums questions but be sure to search first
    • Don't spend money on information because almost everything can be found online for free

    Things I did not go over but should be considered a must

    • Keep a schedule
    • Have a to do list
    • Learn how to make brain maps
    • Try to keep everything organized because there will be a lot of clutter if you don't.
    • Treat your brain right, it's going to be your money maker. If you are thinking clearly you can accomplish so much faster than when you are not.
    • Stay motivated and determined. "If you think you can, then you can. If you think you can't, then you can't. Either way you are going to be right.)
    • The forums should be used to learn and not to socialize for new people. You can waste a lot of time just bull shitting.
    • Don't get the shiny object syndrome. That's when you see so many new tools that come out you have to try them all. This kills so much time and keeps you from taking action.
    • ​Learn to type and correct punctuation and grammar.. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
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    Thank you man, great suggestions.
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    As the newest of newbs, I'm glad that this was one of the first threads I've read on this forum.
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    Off to read the five star threads... :D
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    Learn to type. That last piece of advice was the best.


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    I really like this, I'm not only new to this forum but new to the whole IM industry, I have bookmarked this, and will fall back and read on this every time I need help. Hope you feel good for helping out at least one person after taking the time to write something so lengthy. I will use this when I start using methods that other people suggest or when I create something of my own when I'm experienced and know more about the industry.
    But for me, I'm in a type of college right now, just doing researching and learning until I graduate myself and start rocking the industry.
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    Thanks for this inspiring post. I've recently read the book Getting Things Done, that book pretty much covers the section that your post refers to at the end as "should be considered a must"