Help for Adsense Taxes and Youtube Revenues


Feb 23, 2021
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Hello everyone!

I'm new, I've searched a lot but I can't make up my mind so I hope that people with experience will be able to help me.

To put it in context, we are 2 to have an Adsense income (via Youtube) of about 6k per month which will surely increase throughout this year.

I live in France, (so I have my first Adsense in France) but the taxes are very high, after checking with an accountant I will pay about 50% tax.

So I am looking to move to another country and I have seen that there are many choices/solutions available. For examples:

- Living and doing business in Dubai (tax free)

- Having an LLC in the US as a non-resident, and living in a country with a territorial tax system (Panama etc.) (Problem; To open a bank account in the US you have to travel there and France is banned from the US because of Covid so it is impossible to do so)

We are both 18 years old and therefore have no problem moving anywhere, we are just looking for the right place to do it. Do you know any others possible solutions?

(PS: I don't particularly want to pay "0" tax, but the +50% in France is much too high especially for a business that is 100% online).

For those who have been in a similar situation, can you give me some advice and feedback? I would appreciate your help, thank you all and have a nice day.


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Aug 13, 2018
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I sent you a PM in french with more info about some destinations.
In a nutshell + considering your current revenues + covid situation:

In EU, Bulgaria/Romania are easier for now. Low taxation for companies and for your own income, easy to setup a business, still in EU, no strict lockdown for COVID, you can scale your business with cheaper employees than in France, you can have a good life with less revenues which put less stress on your shoulders.
Malta/Cyprus are still decent options.

Dubai will be interesting if you generate more revenues considering the effort, cost of settting up the company (+ annual fee), cost of living, etc.

US+Panama setup seems complicated at the moment due to the covid situation.


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Mar 1, 2018
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Moving to Bulgaria or Romania and moving towards a life style business would be a much better choice than dubai.

In Dubai if you aren't married you can go to jail for having sex or even sharing a hotel room. You can go to jail for drinking water in public during parts of the year. Women can go to jail for being raped there. You can go to jail for swearing, kissing or holding hands in public.

Have a sinus problem? They could even arrest and interrogate you by claiming you did cocaine.