Help finding legal contracts to sell Biz Opportunities?

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    I'm going to describe my business in a nutshell: I split with a partner selling car wraps for the past 3 years. In my new venture (still wide format printing) I retain all of the fleet car wrap accounts.

    But this question is about the new venture:

    I have an LLC on a 2month old company and cannot franchise yet. State of formation? NV The company is VERY successful. I've been selling the product for the past 7 months, and decided to incorporate. This is my 2nd month in our brick and mortar location, we're incorporating commerce into the website, and booked for the next several months to sell at sporting events. Again, VERY successful.

    Because I'm so new & can't franchise, I've put together Business Opportunities. I sold one last week and need to generate legal paperwork, but have NO IDEA where to begin. Of course, I made my own contract and informed the client my "attorney" is working on a lawyer-speak contract. They had no problems with it, overnighted a check, and are selling in OR. Since then another opportunity has arisen to sell Business Opportunities, and I need to start the process of getting paperwork.

    I need a good resource for a Business Opportunity contract that can be done in days...preferably YESTERDAY!

    I've considered Pre-paid Legal because of the free phone consultations, contract reviews and discounts.
    My question(s)?
    1. Pre-paid legal...good/bad/indifferent?
    2. Can someone point me in a direction?

    Many thanks,