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[HELP] Few questions about AliExpress Affiliate + AliPlugin

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by roki4ka, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. roki4ka

    roki4ka Senior Member

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Hello guys,

    I have few questions about AliPlugin:

    1. I see that this plugin import the products directly from AliExpress, so basically it is 1:1. This is good, very good, but how do you handle the search engines, because this looks spammy to them and they will flag your websites very fast and f**k their ranking and SEO (duplicate content/links etc.). I believe I've read a comment of 1 guy that got this awful experience. How can we prevent that? Do you suggest using different product titles, some extra plugins (like pretty links)?

    2. In case we have solved 1., I would like to ask if extra SEO is worth it for the specific niche sites? Should I put some extra on-site SEO besides the analytics code? Should I bother building backlinks for each niche site? Should I bother filling the blog of each niche site with good content, related to the niche, for content SEO? How much SEO optimised exactly is this plugin?

    3. In case 1. and 2. are solved I would like to ask if I should make social networks accounts for each of the sites and automate them? I have seen many sites like these and they DO NOT have twitter/FB/Pinterest accounts, they just allow to share content from them, from your social network accounts. Will this help me get more traffic? I am asking because making 200+ unique posts/tweets , making a lot of recipes in iFTTT, connecting all social networks for more than 10 sites is a lot of work and also you will need to make new content and unique posts each 2-3 months for EVERY single site. Will pulling traffic from social media worth this effort?

    4. In case 1. and 2. are solved I also want to know how good will scale CPA offers on such niche sites? Can we make extra from them or they will just pull back the traffic? Will the sites look spammy and unprofessional this way? I can make a game related CPA offer which people can close anytime so it won't be like a content locker. Should we wait to start getting good traffic on our sites before even adding such monetizing method?