Help, Failing school ahaha? Any Tips/Tricks/Methods haha

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    This is blackhatworld, so i decided to ask people here ahaha.

    I've been failing so many of my classes. Im currently in grade 11! Supposedly, im to get into university with a scholar ship ( due to my very poor family, cant even afford Aw3some). You see, I've been spending my days not going to school and reading leakforums, doing all sorts of things to make money.

    One of them being a document type up job. Got paid maybe around 50$.
    If your interested just email the guy who paid me for an application,
    thomas.gilford98 (at) (GEEMAAILLL>COOM) (im censored for emails hahaha)

    All you do is look at pictures and type them up exactly, paid by page so sometimes a page is 2$. Paid via paypal. I quit though, did this time back, ask for an application. I dont know if he still does it!

    But thats not the point haha.

    Haha, what a bad idea that was to work instead of school?. School over Money, learned that the hard way. I've got another year to shape my self up as grade 12 is what makes you or breaks you. But I need to get on the right track.

    I go to school every so often for my tests, but that's pretty much it, already given that I completely fail them. I also have many assignments that are at least a month or 2month old late! I Started off school with 90s! Quite the predicament.

    What do I do!? I keep telling my self ill finish it all today but so much time has passed that I don't even know where to start anymore or if my teachers would accept them. I SE'd them previously, so that's out of the question and they know it to now. I've use to work out daily, at home, but stopped that to. Right now I'm going to start everything again and do it to the best of my ability. Homework, working out, Ill even drink water to the best of my ability.

    I've started my late projects today (an essay), and I have roughly 12 assignments and a lot of homework to do (homework completion marks)

    But not everything was due to my anxiousness to make money. I've also had some family issues, not concerning me but one of my siblings. I really cant tell you what happened as Its very personal, so take my word for it. I don't want to tell my teachers because who wants to have that kinda connection with them?

    My teacher thinks im doing drugs... I don't have the most delicate face ahaha so I get it her reasoning. Im not ugly, but I dress like a thug I guess. Baggy stuff, as a kid I did. Never switched to Skinny's or whatever as its mad gay to me. A man shouldn't show off his figure, imagine how uncomfortable the brothers behind them would feel looking at another mans figure.

    Just so you get an understanding at where Im at.

    My Marks atm: *These were from the last time I checked, Dropped considerably*

    Physics: 36%
    Accounting: 87%
    Fitness: 56%
    English: 63%

    Their was a day called tutorial day, hand in assignments, no late marks deducted, I finished everything, turns out it was canceled !

    Lol, and then I started skipping more just laughing at how my brilliancy was ruined. I made the revamped projects into master pieces only to find they were rendered useless.

    Any guidance?
    Also, Tips, Tricks etc is good to have!
    Cheating is fine, The smartest people do it!

    So comment below on what I should do and any tricks or so to cheat in school and do better! Its fine, Cheating is another skill.
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    Sounds like a BST thread in disguise.

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    So in conclusion, you're basically an idiot.
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