HELP Facebook banning domains like crazy!

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Stiletto, Dec 6, 2015.

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    Hello BHW,

    Yesterday morning FB banned 2 of my domains that I used hard to spam groups and pages.

    I bought 2 new domains and after trying to post them first time immediately got the captcha but I was able to post it after solving the captcha.
    2-3 minutes later both domains got banned again and I posted them just one time each.
    All domains are. XYZ from Namecheap and all were hosted on same hosting account.

    I was spamming hard ;-) but still, why did they ban the brand new domains? I've used 3 aged PVA accounts and never got any restrictions on them.
    How to continue spamming but avoid banning domains?
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    If your domains (or the pages your linking to) contain certain prohibited words (giveaway...) this could happen. Also, the accounts you're using might be toxic :)
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    The accounts might be flagged for unusual activity.

    There are a few ways which you can opt for to avoid this in future.

    First of all try sharing some genuine links from your accounts like cnn or some health sites or some viral nova type sites depending on your niche. Do you normally surf using those accounts like changing status and stuff? You have to make your account appear natural. Change profile pics and other such things.

    Also, if the accounts are new, you need to take it slow and build up those accounts.

    Also, for sometime use some other accounts and from this only simulate normal user behavior without sharing links of your site. Once you have simulated normal user behavior for around 2 weeks, you can slowly ramp up sharing links from those accounts again.

    I have been using the same domain for months now, but the content is genuinely interesting and also, i get likes and shares naturally and it has never been banned. My content goes viral regularly in my niche.
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