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Jul 13, 2009
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I need help/advice again :)

This time, I will set up a membership site (MMORPG browser game).

It will have "donate" section, where the members can get free tokens to their email. The token codes can be exchanged for rewards in game.

What I want:

When user click on the donate link, he will be redirected to /emailsubmit.php and when he enter his email in the email submit offer he will be redirected to the real "token" page.

So, the submits would be incentive (and very nasty), so I need some tips, which network to join, or if you have some other advice, feel free to tell me.

Note: I could put some advertisement to the token email making more extra $, but I'm not familiar with the email marketing, so if you can, please help me.

Thank you very much.

Edit: Sorry for my bad grammar. Really sorry.
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Use an incentive network. 1 is adscendmedia the other is censored so I cannot say it but it rivals adscendmedia.

There are also normal networks that have a few incentive offers. Not sure which those are though.
And what you think about that I put advertisement in the sent emails ?
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