Help!Easy and simple way to accept credit cards in High Volume 25k+ monthly new company!

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    Maybe I'm asking for a miracle but here's what I need if anyone can help PLEASE PM me immediately!

    We're a new company, basically we are buyers and resellers. Our products are mainly electronics and change weekly. We need a way to accept cards without hassle, holds, just process cards maybe from 3k-5k on the low end up to 10k-15k on the high end. Realistically we'll only have about 3-5 sales a month but they will be on this type of level. Paypal won't work and most merchant accounts limit new businesses to about 5k monthly. Is there anyone that can help us? We are brand new at the beginning phases but we can sell our butts off and have some deals we need to close pending a decent way to pay us and not just wanting to ask for Western union we want to look professional and gain trust, right now we are just a DBA, in a few months we'll get business account set up, TIN numbers, etc. We have real products, nothing illegal it's just the high ticket amount keeps us from being about to do this more smoothly. If we had low ticket items we could easily do this without the raised eyebrows. Can anyone help us with a hook up on a merchant account? We just need a quick way to get this done, people pay, we get the funds in our account in 2-3 days, and they get the product in 3-4 days that's it.

    If you can help let me know send me a PM. I'm thinking maybe some of these companies that approve like adult industry merchants, online gambing or something. If not oh well we'll just maybe do something like but it's so slow. Tired of companies that have all these "stips" you have to go through I know it's a safety issue but my goodness is there just a way for people to send you money professionally that's fast and simple for both sides and that's it? High dollar amounts? My buyers take 4 weeks almost to close a deal and have no problem authorizing the sale.
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