HELP: DMCA copyright complaint on high-income blog

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by kupo, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Hi guys, long story short. I have one "grayhat" site (spun content) that is getting really good rankings and traffic in Google, as well as income. But it is currently dealing with massive DMCA copyright complaints, specifically spun articles (but they are > 50% unique and ALL pass Copyscape). My current US-based webhost has told me to take those particular pages down (or they'll cancel my hosting), which I did for now (I have locally saved versions on my hard drive), but those articles constitute a significant portion of my daily traffic and income (about 60% of my income).

    Currently I am in the process of moving to a bullet-proof webhost located in Russia that will disregard all DMCA and copyright complaints. After I'm done re-uploading everything, the high-traffic pages will go back up, and all DMCA complaints will no longer negatively affect my income.

    But here's my question: Do I need to transfer to a bullet-proof domain registrar too? Or do I only need a bullet-proof webhost? I am new to all this bullet-proof stuff. I currently have a US-based domain registrar for the domain. If the original author can't take my website down by contacting my Russian webhost, will he be able to take my website down by contacting my domain registrar? I just need to know if I'm safe with a US-based domain registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy and adding whois privacy, or if I need to have a China/Russia-based domain registrar. I have already chosen my Russian webhost, but I do not know any Russian or "bullet-proof" registrars I should go with.

    P.S. The original author has already issued a DMCA complaint to Google, but he published a blog post on his blog saying that Google replied to their complaint and said they couldn't do anything because my articles all have unique content (I spun the articles to over 50% unique content each so Google is letting me keep them :D but my current US webhost still wants them taken down)

    (Sorry for posting this in the other subforum, didn't see the Domains subforum until just a while ago, but this is kind of urgent for me :eek:)
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    I would suggest that you also try to transfer the domain to an offshore registrar also - just to cover yourself. The registrar, depending on their terms of service, may likely do the same as your U.S. based webhost.

    Best to cover yourself the best you can in your circumstances.

    Good Luck!

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    Why don't you just write unique content for pages that you get complaints for?
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    The guy pretty much knows who you are now. I don't think BP hosting would help. The DMCA deals with how an ISP has to deal with copyright violations, but even if your ISP won't terminate you, you're still breaking the law.