[HELP]Constant Traffic No matter How many post i write

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by svr231, Oct 12, 2011.

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    This is about a old blog(on blogger) of mine with random technology and blogging related articles.

    I have been carefully selecting keywords and write articles / how to's on each keywords with both onsite and offsite SEO.

    I am able to get rank for all the keyword on first pages and i could see increase in traffic with each keyword but somehow my traffic is always constant somewhat between 300 + 400 UV/day(mostly through google).

    I am adding tutorials daily but still the traffic is constant.

    CAN anybody suggest me hey this is happening??

    I have heard about google filter, is this some kind of google filter which only sends 300 - 400 visitors.

    Because i have used this blog (on blogger) for spamming in the past where i have posted about 300 posts in 1 hour and i have this message where my blog is suspended for further posting.

    Need suggestions and thoughts on this about your experience with this.
    How can i overcome this??
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    Make sure you aren't seeing personalized results in google. Clear your cache and the like and check back on those posts to see if they are #1. The 2nd thing could just be that they're not high traffic enough to make a difference. Have you noticed if people are coming into your site from those new pages?