HELP]Bluestacks instagram??? how to not left footprings uninstalling and reinstalling it!?

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    Hi, I made few hundreds accs in instagram installing and uninstalling bluestacks but even tough I cleaned evry folder, even the registry, used ccleaner and taskmanger plus a new IP(private proxie) to download it from the official site, still when I open instagram in order to create a new account, as soon I'am done creating it, I follow 2 peopels as test and it block me with phone verification. It never happened untill yday or so for weeks, and previously I were not even cleaning my pc so hard, I were just uninstalling and reinstalling. How do I go past that? Bluestacks is recognizing I already been there and so does instagram of consecuence not recognizing a completely new device..SOMEHOW, but I can't figure out how. I know for sure that the problem is im lefting some footprints uninstalling bluestacks, as I tried on a brand new computer to install and make IG accs, and it worked like charm as it used to, but yet as soon I would try uninstall and reinstall on this new pc and try another time, it'll always ask for phone verification.

    Help, im getting mad after 2 days trying..
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    Hi there! Do this problem still unsolved?