[HELP] Any Wiki List Availiable


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Jul 22, 2012
Please is there anyone with a good and working wiki list; i am tired of using the one that came with my software. i need an updated one. i would be glad for a share. Thank you
google site: p astebin . com "mediawiki" or something similar, lots of lists and you can sort by date to get fresh lists, --- Delete spaces
Thank you so much; I saw plenty. Thanks for the help from all of you. Am extremely grateful
There was a 5k list shared in the download section 3 days ago. Search Download section before you tried it.
Here I mention some of our BHW mates has shared there best wiki lists.


use search option to find
okay; thanks am just running some. but most of these links Wiki Bomber doesnt register or post completely Maybe in list of 2000 wiki sites it registers in a max of 500 and posts in a max of 250 I love the way its automated thats why i havent bothered searching for any other software. is there another software that does better than this
Extreme WIki is always giving me problems, thats why am using nuclear bomber, lemme try to download an update version and get back to you guys
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