[Help] Advice.. 3 VPS Low specs vs 1 VPS high specs for 10 sites..

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    Please advice in hosting my 10 websites.
    I have 7 websites now up and I am using 2 vps. 3 websites for 1 vps (no problem) and the other is holding 4 websites.
    Only 1 page(niche) websites. I am planning to add 3 more but I need some advice. Using alibabahost (offshore) (blackhat niches).

    Anyways I am getting problems when trying to open those 4 websites (1 vps) using my own browser.
    The other 3 is loading fine but the other 1 is (or randomly like the other 2 are loading fine then the other 2 are not):


    But when I search the site using this http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ and http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/
    those say it is UP..

    Here are the specs of the VPS which I am using now and planning to open for 10 websites (planning to open another VPS in hosting for new 3 websites). So 3 VPS with low specs.


    And here the high specs for a single VPS:


    Sorry for my english. Please advice. Thanks in advance!
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    "server not found" is a DNS issue - run DNS checks on those domains

    majority of sites don't need much resources, unless they're dynamic + getting heaps of traffic. also, think about the server software you're using - nginx will easily outperform apache (while requiring less resources), etc

    edit: btw, openvz sucks. go with xen/kvm/etc for dedicated resources. cheers
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