[HELP]Account Suspension: How do I restore cpanel bkup? Best host for autoblogs?

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    I just had my account suspended from SiteCloud stating excessive use violation and was sent a backup of my cpanel. I uploaded the backup file onto anther hosting account, extracted it & got an error message. The extraction produced only one folder: bandwith with a number of xml files of the various domains. Downloaded one of the files and attempted to Restore via the Cpanel backup option but nothing happened. I have asked for another copy of the cpanel backup but I'm still waiting.
    • Am I doing something wrong?
    • Do I need a new hosting account in order to restore the cpanel backup?
    • Would a reseller account work for autoblogs?
    • Any recommended hostings for autoblogs?
    • VPS or reseller hosting which would be best for a noob?