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    Seeking donations that qualify for value added perks - Thanks
    All my life I have followed a work ethic based on an unfailing belief that you go to work to make money to be able to ? Eat ? Take Care of Health and if applicable take Care of Family and/or if any is left over try and help people less fortunate and/or in circumstances where they need financial support.

    That status quo I have maintained all my working life and as such have never received state handouts ? benefits and the like! Pride and place goes to my parents who at an early age instilled into me, that you must make commitments in life because if you cannot give you will never receive! My unwavering commitment has been to my work ethic ? Get up see the glass half full! Get started execute the day?s work ahead. Then if as often happens work becomes hard and fraught with problems, try and ensure that every negative is turned into a positive?

    Namely applying this ? ?When the Going gets Tough! ? The Tough get Going!?
    Now I am in a serious dichotomy I have lost 80% of my eyesight and cannot see to do my work?
    My legal and nationality status are all in order no liens or debts et al but the queue for the eye operations I need means that in the UK with the FREE National Health Service, I have to wait for maybe 2 to 3 years and more?
    I am at present based in Spain where the wait for the eye operations I need on the FREE National Health Service means languishing at home struggling with no income for the Spanish Salut say ? quote ? ?You will likely have to wait more than 1 year for the eye operations!?

    I am between ?the Rock and the Hard Place? and now as the last resort I need money to get the eye operations done on a private basis. I have been quoted 2000 Euros for each eye and provisional prime cost amount of 1000 Euros for auxiliary medical treatment post operations care and support. But for those able and kind enough to make a donation towards the cost of the private medical care eye operations. Here is the payback angle I am not looking for a ?Free Lunch!? check out the ?Perks? each donation paid warrants a value added perk. The ?Perks? website is still under construction but we plan to deliver all the offers either just before the end of this donation campaign or at the latest within one month of the closure of the donation campaign.

    As I stand right now I am left with only optimism so optimism has to be my power base harking back to childhood every day I wake there is only a half full glass. Looking at it any other way and I will implode and spiral into deep depression and that is impossible as that would inevitably mean even more financial problems and/or health issues?

    The essence of a free market is competition, alas at this time in my life I cannot compete as I cannot see to work. I am not a quitter never have been and never will be, but right now it is impossible to get back on track as I only have 20% vision. My eyes are both the problem and the solution, this is impossible to resolve without an operation to both eyes. Thank goodness modern ophthalmology is so good that an operation will give me back my life as I will have once more the oh so precious 20/20 vision. I cannot explain how handicapped one is when you are limited to only 20% sight

    • Work only on big text on the PC screen not much more than two hours a day often less
    • Cannot see to drive
    • Dangerous to go out at night as in dark unlit areas et al cannot see steps and much more, like when I tripped in daylight and broke three ribs. Yes in daylight I have to be so very careful
    • Cannot see clearly to across the other side of a road street and the like?
    • On and on the restrictions go?

    Sure more than anything I want to get back my eyesight but I am not canvassing for handouts all donations will be credited with a value added perk. Thank You hope people can help me as I am not giving up I keep on that I can return to living a normal life where I can work every day, that is all I want!
    Finally to all who are able to donate ? Thank You So Much!

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