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Mar 8, 2007
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After spending a lot of time on this forum I have decided to try my hand at a few simple make money methods that seem to be working for a lot of webmasters out there. Like the craigslist/credit report deal, the "adwords/submit your email to" and so on.

OK say I want to make money by having a fake video of content that someone would normally have to pay for. I run a little google ad, someone clicks it and is taken to a simple landing page with an image of the video. When the visitors "click to play" the video, they are taken to another page that says "just one more thing" and they are prompted to submit whatever to earn me a buck and earn them the video.

You know what I mean right? Now, I would like to have many videos like this, all leading toward the same "just one more thing" page without the visitor (or anyone) knowing that their is other content and I just want their money.

In a perfect world I could have another (hidden) page on this site to run the cragslist/credit report deal, but that would not have to link to another page because it would be a simple landing page.

Do I need my own domain?
If so, can I do this with wordpress? (I'm familiar)
Do I need real content somewhere on this site?
How do I appease any affiliate manager / advertiser that checks my traffic source?
What is the best way to mask my traffic?
What kind of domain name would I need if I wanted to do something like this?

I know that this is not rocket science, but I have not done this before and I want to do it right from the start and I know of no better bunch of folks to start with!;)
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