Help! $4000 in my paypal and it is on limited activity


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Jan 6, 2009
I have 4,000 dollars locked in my paypal account. I have been selling electronics on ebay for a third party.

They want tracking information, invoices for purchase of the products, and supplier contact info. Basically I list the auctions and then my supplier ships to them. I do not get tracking numbers in fear of him finding out how he gets the products, thus eliminating the middle man. Also, we do not have invoices, I just pay him on after he ships the goods.

I know this is probably useless to ask for help, as it seems I am pretty much screwed, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
I'll give a cash reward to anyone who can help me get this unlocked.
just tell them that your supplier sends the products to can also ask your supplier and invoices of isnt illegal to do drop-ship...isit
hope you get it unlocked. if not, say hello to 180 day locked + $500/month withdrawl cap after that lol.

PayPal = Crooks
Did you call them? don't do fake things. The best option is wait 180 days.
On hold with them now....first time I "disconnected" after 30 minutes, oddly enough.
Don't feel bad I have about 150 days left to wait on one of my accounts that has been limited.
Turns out I have an old paypal account locked. I was totally honest with them and he said I can probably get this straightened out. Have to pay the amount due on the old paypal account and then go from there. Somehow I think I am still screwed.
call them and send email asking what's wrong with your acc
and describe your situation (fake it)
you can't get the whole tracking because you've got to format your PC or what
it works for me once
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