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    ey. I signed up yesterday, and I have to admit this is an amazing source of information, and I was more surprised at the amount of free information available.

    In the near future, ( very near future ) I'm going to put some work into not just blackhat, but any online venture. The thing that is becoming more and more obvious to me is, the number one skill required that very few have, is a head for marketing. (well, at least thats my problem)

    So - hopefully I'll do things slowly and surely.
    this is my very short term game plan.
    Finding a good host / VDS - any recommendations ?
    Getting a good reliable e-mail list
    building up a repoire with this e-mail list
    then advertising my services to them ( local seo ) etc.

    To do all that, I need to do alot of research, things like pinging, social bookmarking / social websites / cloaking / email lists / autoresponders / user retention / conversion / and salesmanship.

    I've read hundreds of e-books, and its amazing - everyone knows they are bad, everyone knows they dont work, but people still buy them! That just prooves the fact that if you haev a head for selling, you can sell sex to a hooker.

    So - once again, Thank you all. This is a fantastic resource, and i hope to contribute as much as I absorb.

    I'm currently living in the beautiful land of smiles ( Thailand) - where everyone and anyone wants to get rich. I really should exploit it, but being a guest in this country - one must take care!