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    After trolling your kickass forum for more than 8 hours I figured I may as well register and introduce myself.

    Rob. Vermont, USA. 22 years of age. I own my own series of business (not on the books legit businesses mind you, but legal for the most part) doing anything from PC hardware and software junk for old people (they are my biggest client base) to doing small game design projects on a freelance type basis. Needless to say I enjoy working with PCs and gaming when I get a free second.

    I am usually well spoken and avoid abbreviations and internet slang at all costs. Chances are you wont see a post from me shorter than a paragraph or two.

    I just started a porn/model site based around alternative girls (and eventually guys) and doing some research led me to this site. It seems to hold alot of information and I spent a good 6-8 hours solid sifting through the sections that were relevant to my interests. I am here for knowledge and good conversation.