hello, need a little suggest on promoting adult&dating site

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    Feb 23, 2014
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    i'm still new... recently i need quick cash i start promoting dating sites and spam people in chat rooms... it is hard work without a bot got some clicks and few lead money so far... (i use tiny url to cloak it)
    since it is temporary i do not wonna cost money on bots and the captcha. I'm a little confuse here since it is promoting a website not a product. Do you need a website to promote the dating site? since they already gave you landing page link... how to u operate the offers(promoting another website cpa) with a your website??? Im not sure if i explain it well... but which i mean do u set up a website to promote another site?? How do u operate with that website? you just set up a website and put the offer link in it(to another website)o_O...? I just dont get it... will be very appreciate for the answers :)