Hello, long time on and off lurker, first post

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by FunkyFreakyFresh, Apr 18, 2014.

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    Just creating that obligatory 'hey I'm not a total noob (but really yeah I am)' post.

    I've been vaguely interested in ways to make side income online, but never following through on any plans, for quite some time. I've read up on the site about various things, but as I haven't implemented most of it, it's still pretty foreign.

    I've made small shops and sold on marketplaces, but I'm looking to expand this now, with:

    -Simple online marketplace shops, for niche products that I find personal connections to suppliers (probably post these on amazon, ebay, etc with link backs to the site as well, free advertising yeah?)
    -Custom TShirt shops, working with a supplier and screen printer I have, for general / niche markets
    -Dropshipping, either try the bulk, find a general supplier and post huge xml on amazon with small margins, or keep going niche products and just find good online dropshippers / suppliers
    -Offer to build fast and easy custom sites (and use free hosting and a domain I bought / own) for hotels and small business as I travel. (I travel a lot)

    Would love advice on dropshipping (suggest in amazon /ebay or on personal site? or both? only for niche?)
    as well as suggestions on SEO (use Wordpress plugins? Paid service here? depend on market saturation)
    as well as how to approach competitors sites about cross promotion, advertising, selling on their marketplaces, etc.
    and on any other simple things I should be doing online to make a little scratch, advertise cheaply and easily, things to keep in mind.

    It'll be nice to be a part of this forum I've been perusing for some time.

    I'm off to start setting up some sights, I had considered jumping into VPS, but since I haven't done this in a while, I'm going Shared Hosting to keep it simple, maybe after a year if things are going well.

    And I'll likely post more specific questions as they become more relevant, and in the proper sections, cause I ain't a chump.
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    Very nice post - welcome to the site
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    ★☆ Earth! =) ★☆
    Welcome to BHW mate. :)
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    Whoa, interesting first post.
    Nice that you took some time to introduce yourself.
    Welcome! :)