Hello I love it here already.

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    Hello. I am fairly new here to BHW but I really enjoy the content on the website. I am pretty new at making money online, marketing, etc. but I am here to learn and share with the community. I don't have money to promote my Instagram but I am learning way to improve it here. I am a very busy person with school and work, but when I do get a chance, I do like checking out what's new here. I read a lot of posts here, but I don't write many posts because I don't have much knowledge in this field to share.

    I do have something to share today though. I have spent a lot of time to compile a large list of coupon codes links for %100 off courses on Udemy that I want to share with the community here. I compiled this list to give back to the members here, but I can't post the links because I am still too new here. These courses are worth thousands of dollars and I would like to share this here without spending money. Can someone give me a suggestion