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    :) Good day to all. Happy to be here. I have have been using the internet in my spare time for a couple of years now looking for some spare income that will allow me to spend more time with my wife and kids, one of which is special needs. Hoping to give us more choices in life. My job is quite demanding both mentally and time wise so i cannot have a traditional second job and instead use the internet.

    I have played the hyip games done some marketing only to find that the internet is just another place where people of low or no integrity prey upon the honest desires of good people :( . Sorry to sound so damm fatalistic as i know they are actually a small % but affect alot of people.

    I have found a few real honest investments on the net although with my low intial investments will take time to grow. I have invested in resort developement, mining ipo's, work with forex etc.
    Iam looking at starting a couple of websites ,not sure of my niche yet. I have the people on this website to be knowledgeable, helpful, honest as well real. So i am hoping i can tap into this pool smarts to help me reach my goals well hopefully being able to help others in areas of which i have some experience.

    So to all a long hello. netbiz:D