Hello, I have an app idea.


May 23, 2018
Hello Blackhatworld,

I have an idea but I don't know where to begin.
So I have decided to ask for help here, as y'all are bomb af.

There are many apps on the app store that involve the lottery ticket scratch off that are free, that make money via ads, and give a portion for winners.

The basic description of what i'm trying to achieve is as followed.

1.Create button that directs people to ad that goes to two different web pages.
2. 99% of the time they are directed to Website A - which says sorry, try again and resends person back to button.
3. 1% of the time they are directed to Website B - Which says congratulations, cash out to paypal here.

Now this is the hard part, where I go into detail of what i'm trying to do.

Instead of the 99%/1% of the time directs. I wish that the button can only send people to Website B, which is the win page after a payout to my paypal. So what that means is that only one person is directed to website B saying congratulations here's xyz. But that can only happen after I cash out from xyz company, meaning I have to recieve ex. $25 to give out $5. Repeat. Meaning Ads revenue added to paypal, which adds up to 25$, then the next person to click the button wins $5.

So the cost to conversion is Profit $20, 5$ goes to luck person who clicked the button, watched the ad, then makes it to next page.

Once you win, you cannot go to the same page to cash out again unless you have truly won.
meaning person that has won cannot just reset page to win again. To prevent exploit.

So profit is $20 per $5 given out. Every person that clicks on button has to watch ad even with adblocker. Then when $25 is sent to my paypal, $5 is sent out over the website for the next click, then is reset until another payout to my paypal.

Is this possible?

Is there a publisher advertising site that is user friendly and can be seen with ad blocker?

On another note, I will be using a website to host said button so HTML is usable.

I'm just not sure where to start, and I need help lmao.

The user watches the ads, I generate revenue as ad publisher, once again this is $0 spent for the user, the only thing the user spends is the user's time, then when payment is sent added to paypal, $5 sent out to the next person who clicks the botton after $25 payment, then redirected to site b.

What websites/ what type of developer, this seems legal to me due to point A. U choose to click button, no cost to u, u watch ad, either u win or u dont, and it redirects u to button..... having spent $0 for the opportunity to win $5. Etc.
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collecting money from people then giving a small portion to one person. You should call that app Cheap-Ass-Robin-Hood.apk :))
not sure if it's all legal and not suable by people or paypal after report, but the real problem is, EXPLOITS come in much more vast and complicated ways, via offline/servercloning/modding/injections/scripts/querries.
Well, since it would be similar to a lottery, it would need to be legal or else anyone of us would do that.

But it would take ages to get $25 using cpm/cpc/etc ads. If it was me I would either use cpa or ask them to pay $1 or lower.
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