Hello! I am some what new!

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    Hello! I thought I would go ahead and say Hey! I am new to bhw and still trying to get my ewhoring down, seems like when i do some thing doesnt want to go right! Damn CL for blocking us!!! lol Anyways I am a stay at home Mom and trying to make some money online and it seems like I just keep putting lots of time in and wating for some stupid azz to take the bait and for them to quit being a bunch of cockblockers! I have tried my hand at the whole promoting cam chatting and that seems to be a waste of time, as soon as I give them a link they log out! I have tried to post on cl and get some traffic to the site I affiliate with, but that is getting to be stale and not worth my time! backpage is being rotten also! I can repost old post with them when they send it to my email so that helps some... I have been having problems with my ezauto resp and if it had an ass I would kick it! I think I am having some bad luck! Well I hope not! I love this site and it is very helpful! Thanks for making it all that is! Well I am going to get to posting and see if I catch me a few! :eek:
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    Go get em Rainy!

    Welcome to the boards and best of luck in your ventures.