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    Hey everyone, I am not only new to this site, but new to all of this. Please dont be pissed at me for asking what may seem to be a dumb question, I am just learning.

    1st question I would have for anyone is " What would I use a ping list for?"
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    I am going to assume that you have a ping list, if you do not drop me a PM and i will lead you in the right direction ;)

    Now you have your ping list you must be wondering what to do.

    Well a ping list is a list of sites, that a user wishes to ping.

    Don't get it confused with a tool, it is much like a shopping list, letting you know what you need to purchase, a ping list lets you know which sites you want to ping.

    Now a question that arises from this is : "Why do you ping?", "When do you ping?", "What do you ping?", "Where do you ping?" and "How do you ping?"


    You ping you site to let spiders crawling the internet to know that you have updated, and that list is a list of spiders you want to tell that you have updated your site. Also pinging newly made sites, help Search Engines index your site faster.


    As you might guess from the answer above, you ping your site when you have updated it.


    As you might again guess from the answer above, you ping your site.


    There are many sites that help you ping your sites.


    You go to one of the sites stated above and then, you can use the default list, or you can use your own, I recommend that you add your list on to theirs and then submit.

    I hope that answers your question.

    If you need further assistance, just drop me a PM, and i'll help you out as quick as i can.

    Cheers :D
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