Hello guys! Read my short history!

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    Well, it's been 5 minutes since I've registered here!
    I don't know how I've never discovered this forum before, but I've always thought that the good black hat forums were the paid ones, then I've never tried too hard.
    Ok, but stopping the lead nowhere talk, I'm something like this:

    It's been a little more than one year since i've been trying to make money on internet, I'm a newbie when it's programming and maybe something more skillful things related, but I DO have some knowledge about the generals of SEO.
    I'm from Brazil, as you can notice from my english that I'm not the best speaker. I've been basically trying to make some money from adsense. After trying a lot of things, I decided to focus on adsense and just that. I have some limitations, because the affiliate market don't pay here, then I don't think that I have too much other options.

    Internet marketing is somewhere where you can get lost easily. There are tons of 'gurus' that want to tell you how to make thousands in days and this kind of shit. So, last months I've been just working on my projects, without looking for the next gold pot..

    If around February 2009 I'm still not making $1000/month on internet, I'm going to have to move on, put my priorities on other things. I know that it's not big money and should not be something so hard to acomplish. But I don't know if I'm going to make that.

    SO, if anyone want to coach me, give me some tips, or anything like this, I'm fucking smart if you want to have me as a partner. lol.

    I really HAVE to acomplish that, so I can keep my freedom..