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    I just ran across this forum today and this will be my first post. Currently I am researching Clickbank, Commission junction, paydotcom, E Junkie, click2sell and affiliate dashboard to learn to master affiliate sales as both a publisher and an affiliate.

    It's is my goal to eventually be able to earn a full time living for myself and my family this way.

    I am eager to learn all I can from this forums members and I hope to contribute my fair share as well.

    My first questions in the forum are basically:

    1) Which Affiliate program is best and why?

    2) Are you making a living using your preferred company(s)?

    3) What do I need to learn to be successful as an affiliate marketer?

    4) Is a huge Adsense budget required as part of my business plan?

    Touching on any or all of these questions will be greatly appreciated. I do have some experience with Internet marketing so I am not a complete newbie, I just need some direction getting over the top and into generation revenue.

    Also I have already developed my own eproduct, which I am looking to set up on and affiliate based site, but ClickBank wont allow a product of mines nature due to it's references to social networking sites in my content, so I'm looking for other options.

    Thanks all!:D:D:D