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    Hi All-

    I am new to this forum but have a good amount of experience in adsense. I started out a couple years ago promoting a free public education mortgage website, started out as a hobby, and then I started earning $1,000 per month. From there I branched off and created a few more sites, but the problem is that I never really did my homework about CPC, CTR, etc. I just got lucky with my first site and went downhill from there.

    Looking back I should have have replicated my first site over and over and I would probably be ok, but I didn't. In fact I let the site go because I was tired of updating the content, answering emails, etc. Stupid.

    So now I am back, starting fresh, making new sites, and have WAY more education. I have been reading BHW pretty much nonstop over the past few days, I feel I am much better equipped this time around.

    Give a holler if you feel like it!